At Apex United Methodist Church, we offer the following worship services

Contemplative Worship: Saturdays, 5:30 p.m., sanctuary
Folks who worship on Saturday evening come dressed casually, yet appreciate the rich traditions of worship as an opportunity to experience God through weekly communion, prayerful silence, relevant preaching and music with a folksy, acoustic groove.

Traditional Worship: Sundays, 8:15 and 11 a.m., sanctuary
For many, gathering in a sanctuary beneath stained glass windows is an important part of worship—singing with the heft of a hymnal in your hand, feeling your soul resonate with the hum of the organ, and being bathed in the rich words of ancient creeds and prayers.

Contemporary Worship: Sundays, 9:35 and 11 a.m., Christian Life Center
For many, it is easier to worship God when the pews are exchanged for chairs in a gym, the stained glass for beautiful images on a screen and the organ with a band playing contemporary Christian music.

Sermon Series


February 11-26

In the vision statement of our church family, we claim to be a people who are “centered in Scripture and empowered by the Holy Spirit.” John Wesley boldly declared his desire to be a “man of one book” and read the Bible, trusting it included all things necessary for salvation. But how do we read and understand the simple, yet complex Word of God? How do Methodists interpret texts that are thousands of years old, yet knowing they are still powerfully relevant for our lives today? Join us in February as we use the book of James as a lens to studying the Word of God, so that we might be both “hearers and doers of God’s Word.”