At Apex United Methodist Church, we offer the following worship services


Traditional Worship: Sundays, 8:15 and 11 a.m., sanctuary
We gather on Sunday mornings to encounter God through a traditional United Methodist service of worship. Services feature great hymns of the faith, excellent choral and instrumental music, traditional creeds and prayers, and sermons that emphasize spiritual growth and service in the name of Christ. Our sanctuary is a warm and inviting space, offering a reverent and intimate place to praise God, and our worship services can be described as formal but not stuffy, holy but not solemn, and ordered but not rigid. Holy Communion is offered weekly at 8:15 a.m. and monthly at 11 a.m.

Contemporary Worship: Sundays, 9:35 and 11 a.m., Christian Life Center
Join us for a casual, family-friendly and intentional Christian service on Sunday mornings! Our gifted band with guitars, keyboard, drums and banjo express our faith in contemporary music that is always participatory and Spirit-led. Hear spiritually invigorating and Scripture-focused sermons that both encourage and challenge. Come join a community that is committed to singing loud and doing the work of worship together. Holy Communion is offered monthly.

Contemplative Worship: Sundays, 5-6:15 p.m., Sanctuary
Folks who worship on Sunday evening come dressed casually, yet appreciate the rich traditions of worship as an opportunity to experience God through weekly communion, prayerful silence, relevant preaching and intimate, acoustic music.


FEB. 15-24

THU: Luke 10:1-12
FRI: John 21:1-17
SAT: Matthew 28:16-20
SUN: Matthew 4:1-11
MON: Hebrews 11:1-3
TUE: Genesis 15:1-6
WED: Mark 9:21-24
THU: John 3:10-18
FRI: John 4:46-53
SAT: John 11:24-27


Please sign up online to provide flowers for the sanctuary altar. Instructions can be found outside the choir room. Questions? Contact Brittany Pettis.

Sermon Series


February 18-April 1, 2018
We talk a lot about what divides us, but have you ever wondered what unites us as followers of Jesus across the centuries? The fundamental confessions of faith found in the Apostles’ Creed have served as our core unifying factors through it all. Join us this Lent, as we discuss what we believe and why it matters.