40-Day Bible Challenge

Engage members (and non-members) of Apex UMC to read the Bible daily with a small accountability group.

What is the 40-Day Challenge?
It is a way to make a commitment to read the Bible daily for forty days.

How does a 40-Day Challenge work?

  • Identify a small group (2-5) to commit to starting a 40-Day Challenge.
  • Make a commitment to each other to read the assigned scripture for 40 consecutive days. (See AUMC Suggested Reading 2018 and start on an agreed date.)
  • Share your thoughts after reading the scripture with your small group daily. (Via, text, phone, email, or any other preferred communication means.)


  • Reading the Word allows the Holy Spirit to speak directly to you.
  • Recording your thoughts provides active listening and focus on the Word.
  • Having a small group provides:
    1. support
    2. accountability
    3. fellowship
    4. discernment
    5. mutual spiritual growth
  • Reading and meditating on the Word becomes a natural desire of the heart.
  • Spiritual growth increases inner joy and strength to face life’s challenges.

AUMC Suggested Reading 2018:
Beginning Jan. 7, Apex UMC will provide daily readings to support the sermon text and message each week.  Your small group can start a 40-Day Challenge beginning any day, then commit to reading the Bible for 40 consecutive days.

Getting Started Support:
If you (or your small group) want to know more starting a 40 Day Challenge, you can email Tim or Sharon Clapp, or call them at 919-362-8466 (leave a message).